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💤 S L E E P Y 💤 — SAILOR SKWISGAAR “You guys ams dildos“

SAILOR SKWISGAAR [[MORE]]“You guys ams dildos“ 💤 S L E E P Y 💤 Welcome to my stupid-ass blog. I love to play games, Watch a lot anime, listen many music genre.

Skwisgaar Skwigelf | The Metalocalypse Wiki | Fandom

Similar to Pickles's affinity for the word "douchebags," Skwisgaar refers to things he hates as "dildos" often using the word as an adjective. Skills & Hobbies He has little skills or hobbies outside of his guitar playing and has the least interests and hobbies of any member of the band.

Metalocalypse Quotes

Suggest all you want! It won't make your weenie any bigger, you dildo licker! [the courtroom continues their guffaws] Prosecutor: This band is a danger to the human race! Skwisgaar Skwigelf: "You's" a danger of putting us to-a sleep! I woulda broughts a sleepings bag, I know this guys was gonna show up! Prosecutor:

Skwisgaar Skwigelf | Williams Street Wiki | Fandom

Skwisgaar Skwigelf is a fictional member of the virtual Metal band Dethklok who are the lead characters in the animated series Metalocalypse. He is voiced by show's creator Brendon Small who also writes the music for the show. Of the members of Dethklok, Skwisgaar is the one with the murkiest background and not much about his past is known. Skwisgaar sometimes makes allusions to having grown ...

Dethcrash Chapter 5: Track 5, a misc. cartoons fanfic ...

Skwisgaar:"Intos the water Toki!" Toki runs, nearly hopping until hitting the water. Skwisgaar hurls the gun at the chopper but it only goes up a few feet before falling to the sand. Skwisgaar:"Fuck its! The pilot notices all the steam shooting up from the water and lowers enough to spot them. Skwisgaar:"Down heres you dildos!"

New member (Skwistok) - Twiggysaurus_Rex - Metalocalypse ...

"I cans hears you dildos." Skwisgaar growled after the contraction finally subsided. "Gets offs my backs. Untils you goes over here and does this, you don'ts gets to tells me how to handles it." "Whoa, lighten up. We're trying to be supportive here." Pickles answered defensively "Well you don'ts haves to tries to be supportives you cans just- AH!

Dethcrash Chapter 1: Track 1, a misc. cartoons fanfic ...

Dethcrash Chapter 1: Track 1, a misc. cartoons fanfic | FanFiction. Track 1. About one hundred miles Southeast of the Asian coast the darkest blackest most brutal band to ever exsist heads to the next stop on their world tour. Murderface:"Damn those fisheaters with their slinty eyes and that 'I'm better than you' attitude!"

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193 votes, 12 comments. 13.2k members in the Metalocalypse community. Blacker than the blackest black, times infinity!

Just rewatched Metalocalypse. : Metalocalypse

Just rewatched Metalocalypse. I now find myself constantly calling everything "dildos" and saying "yous guys" Pandora also got Murmaider permantely stuck in my head. What were some of your favorite quotes, and or songs? Bleach is healthy. It's mostly water.

Galaktikon II alternative reading: Is it about D*thkl*k and ...

The ocean galaktik seems, for me, to be about some sort of leader, and a creature from the depths of the see "warning us all". If you remember correctly, it is hinted in metalocalypse, S4, that Nathan is somehow "drawn" to the sea, and a mythical whale seemed to speak to him in his dreams or something. Become the storm is about gaining power of ...