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The Salad Mixxxer | Infomercials | Adult Swim - YouTube

In a 1960s-era informercial for an electric vibrating salad tossing device that, unbeknownst to the host, might have a dual purpose.SUBSCRIBE: https://youtub...

Watch Adult Swim Infomercials Episodes and Clips for Free ...

Watch Adult Swim's highly-criticized infomercials, including swords, knives and other sharp objects sold by Dragon Shumway.

What’s it like to make an Adult Swim infomercial?

What’s it like to make an Adult Swim infomercial? In entertainment, an awful lot of stuff happens behind closed doors, from canceling TV shows to organizing music festival lineups. While the ...

Watch "Broomshakalaka" now | Infomercials | Adult Swim - YouTube

Denny Boffa wants to save viewers time with his new invention: an all-in-one multi-purpose broom tool called the Broomshakalaka. But when things go violently...

Adult Swim

ADULT SWIM FESTIVAL - Music, comedy and mayhem from your couch • DIGITALIS - New album. Stream now • SHENMUE THE ANIMATION - Official trailer • Morty visits a Maid Cafe in a new RICK AND MORTY short • Watch Robot Chicken Season 11 • All aboard!

The 26 Weirdest Adult Swim Shows Ever - Deadspin

Adult Swim is now notorious for running fake infomercials in the middle of the night, but the first—and weirdest, and arguably greatest—was this pilot from 2007, which focused on the fake ...

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Check out the Wicked Weasel models, in the most amazing bikinis, lingerie and outerwear a girl can dream of having. Find one you like and dress like her here.

Swimpedia - 2021 - Google Search

Adult Swim Schedule: 2021 New Episodes* January 1st (Friday) – Loiter Squad Marathon (2021) 8:00/5:00 Bob's Burgers: The Kids Run Away 8:30 American Dad!: The Vacation Goo 9:00 American Dad!: Meter Made 9:30 American Dad!: Dope & Faith 10:00 Rick and Morty: Something Ricked This Way Comes 10:30

Oats Studios: "Cooking with Bill" -Neil Blomkamp short film

I sorta disagree. Broomshakalaka was exactly 6.5 minutes too long - at least this one knew when to quit. But sure, this has been done before. EDIT: The salad mixer / dildo adult swim infomercial was better than both of these!

Vflux: a free energy scam for everyone, everywhere ...

Thinking this might be a stealth parody now. I wasn't able to hear the video when I posted, but it really sounds like an Adult Swim infomercial.