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Does a dildo feel the same as the real thing? - GirlsAskGuys

The shape and the feel may feel similar but unless the dildo can give off heat while having the skin feeling, then I don't think it will ever feel the same as the real thing. Sex with a condom feels a bit different than sex with the same penis without a condom.

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In conclusion, although using a dildo might feel a little different from other forms of penetration you may have experienced, especially the first few times, overall it still feels erotic, orgasmic and downright amazing.

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Does a dildo feel any different then a real penis? : AskWomen

It can, depends on the dildo. A wood or metal dildo doesn't feel much like a penis. A VixSkin dildo feels a lot like a penis.

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Made entirely from silicone, it feels soft inside the body. It has enough firmness that it feels like the real deal.

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" Silicone dildos are nice but you can feel real penises pulsing, they are hot and alive rather than cold lifeless toys. The super realistic ones kindaaaa feel similar. The super realistic ones kindaaaa feel similar.

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With a dildo, I have to do all the work. Anal orgasms are amazing, but it usually take a lot to get me there. With a guy, I can just lay there and get fucked. It feels different. Overall having a real dick in me feels better, especially if it’s big. A guy can cum. Sometimes I like the feeling of having cum in my mouth or in my ass when I get off.

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Don’t be intimidated if your partner does use a toy that’s bigger than you are. The most realistic dildos on this list may look and feel like a real penis, but they can’t make up for the fact that they’re not attached to a real person. Should I incorporate a dildo with my boyfriend/girlfriend? Sure!

33 Best Most Realistic Dildos In 2021 (Lifelike & Real Feel)

The most realistic dildo can feel even better than the real thing. They can be as long as you like, as fat or as thin as you like, curve the way you want it to, have a foreskin or be clean-cut…whatever floats your penis boat.

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I bought a vibrator and a dildo, liked the dildo better, but absolutely no comparison to the real thing. I do not care for doing it alone at all. Once He used it on me, I asked him too, and for me, that was just not a very passionate experience.

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Some dildos are jelly like and feel like a real penis. They can be immersed in warm water to emulate the body heat sensation from a penis. Also I think rubbing it with a balloon would give it more friction, similar to what a penis has.