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Dragon Dildo PTSD. One day something like this will leak from lawman's bodycam footage and I will shit myself with laughter remembering this post. this is the sort of laughing flashback that kills old people. "there were casualties" gets me every time. this story is gold.

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Dragon Dildos are large sex toys molded to resemble a theoretical phallus belonging to a fantasy reptilian creature. Dragon dildos are often referenced in greentext stories on the image board 4chan and photographs of the toys are sometimes used as shock images.

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which also means dragon dildos don't require you to kill dragons we're going around in circles here, you can have the last word because you're too much of an idiot to admit you're wrong #15 to #12 - lemmingonesevenone

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Dragon Dildos. i know ur keen as mustard, i've seen the way u stare at me khyber. u've been shufflin yer knuckles 2 me bajingas since u were knee high 2 a grass

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>> Anonymous Thu Nov 5 18:25:36 2020 No. 75799174 >>75799079 you can probably build it in a bunch of ways, but i'm personally going to take advantage of having a planeswalker as a

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Anonymous No.10286882 >They kick down my door >I have dragon dildos hanging from the ceil >Just in case this day comes >They fight their way through the dongs >There are casualties >They bust down my bedroom door >I'm wearing a G-string >Backwards >Covering myserf in olive oil >Extra oil on my balls >Playing with my nipples >Moan as loudly as possible "YOUR MOVE, MR.