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Fanfic: To Be A Slave, Harry Potter | FanFiction

Harry brought out another toy with harness and ring. He pushed the toy up to Severus' face. 'Get that good and lubricated Severus, otherwise I may decide to push it in dry'. The man swallowed and started licking the toy, Harry slipped on the ring and began to stretch the man's hole.

Nights of Pleasure Chapter 3, a five nights at ... - FanFiction

"C'mon, it isn't that bad. We're like mothers to the Toys... Except Chica. Man was she pissed when she woke up in such a small body, and then Toy Chica comes up with that huge ass and big pair of tits. She ran around screaming for a week!" O-Bonnie joked and O-Freddy laughed as well. "I think the only one happy with the changes was you.

Fnaf x Reader One Shots - Toy chica x male! reader - Wattpad

Toy chica x male! reader. You carried the cake over to the children and set it on the table, the kids cheering. The girl sitting in front of the cake, wearing a plastic crown, blew out the candles as everyone sang happy birthday to her. +. You sigh and wipe the cake crumbs off your apron. You walk back over to the kitchen to make pizza for ...

Toystory Stories - Wattpad

Woody X Reader by masonjar03. 1.1K 9 5. Your name is Kate and you are a part of a limited-edition collection of cowboy dolls. Your arms were intertwined in the box. The two of you were always meant for each ot... toystory. # 9. woOdy X buZZliGhTbEeR [CONCLUDED] by Musical geeK. 14.6K 366 15.

TheNumber007 | FanFiction

Fem!Harry as Harriet Potter, Fem!Ron as Rosalie Weasley and Male!Hermione as Hector Granger on one evening at The burrow. Warning alert. mention of Male!Lavender Brown and Male!Ginny Weasley. Contain graphical description of sex, F/F and F/F/M threesome. Rated for Mature Adult. One-shot.

Slave Boy Chapter 1, a general fiction | FictionPress

Slave Boy Chapter 1, a general fiction | FictionPress. Chapter 1. The shackles jangled when Micah was shoved forward rather roughly by the slave trader. The dark haired boy stumbled and fell to his knees on the muddy street. Sweat ran in rivulets down his back and soaked his rain dampened shirt further. "Get up, boy!"

Fanfic: Hogwarts School for SEX Witchcraft and Wizardry Ch 1 ...

Fanfic: Hogwarts School for SEX Witchcraft and Wizardry Ch 1, Harry Potter | FanFiction. Chapter 1. Harry potter was in the black Library, he had gotten the place in his godfathers will, and wanted to see what helpful books there was, Hermione, Ron and Ginny as well as a few Weasley's where staying with him for the summer.

What Happened When I Told: A Boy's ... - The Good Men Project

The neighbor boy came into my room and asked if I knew anything about sex. Editor’s note: This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual abuse. This is my assault story.

41 Weirdest Sex Toys (2021) | Heavy.com

The width ranges from one inch to 3.5. It’s a rollercoaster to ride with the tapered head, wide hood, and then narrower, ridged body. Wanting to get done by a snake is one thing, but this toy ...