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Toy Freddy | Five Nights At Freddy's Wiki | Fandom

Toy Freddy is an animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.He has brown fur, a black top hat with a red band, red cheeks, and blue eyes. It is unknown if the Toy Animatronics are possessed by more victims of the Purple Guy/William Afton.

Five Nights at Freddy´s FanFiction Archive | FanFiction

Doc Bonnie by Lenticel New models, new location! Jeff has started as night guard at a play-land Freddy's location, and the animatronics are excited to meet him! However, he acts a little strangely to their eyes, and they insist Doc Bonnie, who moonlights as substitute mechanic at night, take a look at him.

Five Nights at Freeda's World Chapter 2: Night 1 - Chica ...

It is 12:00 A.M. at midnight at the new amusement park as it was closing time and the security guards went back to their homes. The only person left was the new owner Alex Jason in his office. His office was ordinary bookshelves with books he barely reads, couple of folders with profiles of workers, money that comes into the park and the ...

Freddy Fazbear/Golden Freddy - Works | Archive of Our Own

Summary. Lightning, Freddy, and Golden Freddy have some fun on Halloween. Instead of trick or treating, they have some special ‘treats’ for each other. Lightning is just wearing a sexy cat outfit, Freddy is wearing a werewolf costume, and Golden Freddy is wearing a sexy police officer uniform.

Freddy Fazbear/Mike Schmidt - Works | Archive of Our Own

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